Instructions for Rotary Study Abroad Scholarship Applicants

STEP – by – STEP

1) Make sure you and your parents agree to the exchange

2) Complete the following forms:

3) Fill out the scholarship application by hand – (Rough Draft)

4) Once you are satisfied with your answers, type another application and make 2 additional copies.

5) Get all signatures (Including DOCTORS) in BLUE ink. (Bring a BLUE ink pen with you in case they don't have one available.)

6) Make sure pictures fit in the spaces provided. You can make up one sheet with the original photos and color photocopy the other sheet.

7) Have a teacher or administrator at your school fill out the Confidential form and have the TEACHER send it directly to:
Vicki Lombari            
PO Box 1303
Fayetteville, AR 72702-1303

(Remember to put a stamp on the envelope and address the envelope for your school teacher or administrator to use.)

Confidential Reference forms relayed by students or their parents will not be accepted.

8) VERY IMPORTANT: Along with your parents, identify 3 families who agree in writing to host a student. It is not acceptable to have someone fill out the form to “help” you, if they have no intention of hosting. Those who signed the form will be expected to host. Create a sheet on which you provide contact information for those three families. Turn that sheet in to the local Rotary club, who will have to interview the families to make sure that they qualify. Note: Rotary will contact the families on your list to ascertain if they are willing potential hosts. Having three willing hosts is a requirement to complete the scholarship application process.

Potential Host Family Form

9) Turn in to your sponsoring local Rotary club the following: (before Nov 1st )
a. Two (2) original copies of your Rotary Study Abroad Scholarship Application
b. Completed Country Preference Form
c. Completed Authorization to Release Medical Records Form
d. Completed Interview Authorization Form
e. Check for $200. That money will cover the costs of the Rotary Study Abroad Scholarship Interview weekend held the 1st weekend in December (date to be announced).
f. List of the 3 host families, giving full contact information and school district that you have found for a scholarship student coming to your town.
Contact a local Rotary Club, tell them of your plans, and ask them to sponsor you. Tell them that the sponsor club will need to accept the responsibility of hosting an Inbound Student. (The club may transfer that responsibility to any other local Rotary Club willing to accept the Inbound Student)
h. Club Sponsorship Agreement for your club to fill out and submit to the district along with your application.

10) The club will convene an interview panel to interview you and your parents. If the club approves you, your scholarship application will be forwarded to the District and you will be contacted regarding the final weekend of interviews. If the club does not approve you, the scholarship application fee will be fully refunded. If you are turned down at the District Interviews, there is no refund of the scholarship application fee, unfortunately. That fee is spent conducting the weekend interviews.

Best wishes
Rodney Arnold and Duff Weddle            
D6110 Study Abroad Scholarship Coordinators