Rotary Short-Term Youth Exchange Program (STEP)

STEP-by-STEP instructions 

1) Make sure you and your parents agree to the exchange

2) Contact a local Rotary Club and ask them to sponsor you. The club may wish to interview you before agreeing to sponsorship.

3) Download 

Application Materials -Short-Term (STEP) Application Materials -Short-Term (STEP) (335 KB)

4) Complete the application and country preference forms. Print out the forms (documents) and complete by hand. Or, if you wish, you can enter the information into the online application. Note:  Page 10 Section 2 is the Host (Receiving) Club and District Guarantee. Leave this part blank. It is for the people overseas to fill in after they agree to host you.

5) Once satisfied with your answers, print 2 sets (We need original signatures in BLUE ink.)

6) Insert pictures in the spaces provided (individual photo and four personal photos on the picture page). You can make up one application with the original photos and color photocopy the other set

7) Submit the application to your local Rotary club’s Youth Exchange representative no later than JANUARY 31 for approval. Get all required signatures in BLUE ink on all two documents. Signatures included those of the applicant, both parents (if applicable) in the presence of a sponsoring Rotary Club representative (his/her signature required, too), president of sponsoring club, and secretary of sponsoring club (or representative).  Note: The District YE chairperson signs only after a successful district level interview.


8)  Make the $50 application fee payable to D6110 YE - STEP and send it directly to:

Vicki Lombari
Rotary District 6110 Youth Exchange -STEP

 PO Box 1303
Fayetteville, AR 7270

9)  Your local Rotary club interviews you and your parents.


10)  After interviewing your family, your local Rotary Club will send the 2 original sets of the application materials and a letter of recommendation to the District 6110 STEP Coordinator.  Please remember to give your club the address. These are due the district coordinator by February 15, 2019.
Yume Rudzinski
Rotary District 6110 Youth Exchange - STEP
3259 N Kings Cross
Fayetteville, AR 72703

10) Host Family forms 

Volunteer Form, Host Family Application, Reference Reports, etc) are available at the youth exchange database: You need a password to log-in. Your local club's youth exchange officer or local coordinator can help you to access those materials, and he/she will guide your family through that set of required documents.

11) The District YE team will convene an interview panel to meet and interview you  at a date to be announced. Time and location to be determined. The session includes both an interview portion and an orientation portion.

Best wishes
Yume Rudzinski
D6110 STEP Team Leader