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1Are Gap Year exchanges possible?Outbound
2Are there any grants available for Short-Term (STEP) exchanges?STEP
3Can my family visit me when I'm on exchange?Multiple
4Do I get to pick what country I go to?Multiple
5How do I apply for the long-term exchange?Outbound
6How long does an inbound student stay with a USA host family?Hosting
7How much do we get paid for hosting an inbound student in the USA?Hosting
8How much does it cost to go on exchange?Multiple
9We're ready to host an inbound student in the USA. How do I get started?Hosting
10What age do I have to be to be an exchange student on a long term exchange?Multiple
11What are the requirements to study abroad?No Category
12What counties can I go to?Multiple
13What countries do the inbound students to the USA come from?Hosting
14What do host clubs provide Short-Term (STEP) students?STEP
15What do host parents provide for Short-Term (STEP) students?STEP