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Long-Term Study Abroad

Are Gap Year exchanges possible?
Can my family visit me when I'm on exchange?
Do I get to pick what country I go to?
How do I apply for the long-term exchange?
How much does it cost to go on exchange?
What age do I have to be to be an exchange student on a long term exchange?
What counties can I go to?
What does the fee I pay cover?
What is the cost of the long-term study abroad program?
When are applications due?
Who pays for the long-term exchange?
Will going on exchange impact my scholarship to college?
Will it cause me to not graduate on time?
Will the classes transfer if I study abroad for a year?

Short-Term Exchange Program - Summer

Are there any grants available for Short-Term (STEP) exchanges?
What counties can I go to?
What do host clubs provide Short-Term (STEP) students?
What do host parents provide for Short-Term (STEP) students?
What do overseas host clubs provide?
What does the Short Term Exchange Program cost?
Where will I go on a Short-Term (STEP) exchange?

Host Rotary Club

What do we do if our Rotary Club is contacted by a local student who wants to do an exchange?
What does a host club in the USA provide?

Host Family

How long does an inbound student stay with a USA host family?
How much do we get paid for hosting an inbound student in the USA?
We're ready to host an inbound student in the USA. How do I get started?
What countries do the inbound students to the USA come from?
What would be expected of me and my family if we host an inbound student to the USA?