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An Outbound Student's College Story

Thursday, September 28, 2017

We received this email from the mother of a student that spent time abroad through the Rotary District 6110 Youth Exchange program. Here she shares with us there experience of a recent trip to visit a college for her daughter.

Hello all,

I just felt I should share some positive feedback my family received recently while on a college campus tour. My daughter Katie is a senior and plans on going outbound next fall. She has narrowed down her college choice, so we made a second visit to the campus of Missouri State University this weekend. We met with professor Dr. Tonia Tinsley.

Dr. Tinsley is a Professor of French/Teacher Education, she met with us because Katie hopes to be a French teacher some day. When she heard Katie's plan to go on exchange with Rotary before attending college, she told us without a doubt that the Rotary program was the best exchange program. She went on to say how the RYE students are very well prepared for their exchange, and cared for and supported during their exchange and beyond. Also, she told us how she has had students in class after they come back from exchange and how much the program positively impacts their lives. She was so supportive and excited for Katie and her plan to go outbound next year.

It is funny, Mike, Katie and I all know that Rotary is an outstanding program. We see it every year when we get to know the inbound students and we see it when we meet the Rotex at meetings. But to hear it from another person's perspective was so encouraging.

I just wanted to share this with you even though you also know it is a great program otherwise we wouldn't be involved in it so deeply!

Have a great day!

Marissa Byler
Rotary Youth Exchange Volunteer

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