Would you like to host an exchange student?

Hosting an inbound exchange student is a life-changing event for you, your kids and the exchange student. As a host for an exchange student, you will take on the role as mom, dad, sister or brother. As host parents for a Rotary exchange student, you will assume parental responsibility for this young ambassador from another country. You will provide shelter and sustenance, guidance and counsel, and love and support to the child of strangers who live thousands of miles from you. They are putting the care and wellbeing of their child in your hands. They have their own insurance and pocket money - you will offer room and board. We do not pay any stipend to host families.

Rotary Clubs are always looking for potential host families. If you'd like to enrich your family's experience by bringing in a Rotary exchange student, contact your local Rotary Club, or complete this form and we will contact you. And thanks so much for your interest! 

Volunteer Application:  https://yehub.net/S11-volapp
Host Family Application: https://yehub.net/S11-hfapp

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an inbound student stay with a USA host family?
How much do we get paid for hosting an inbound student in the USA?
We're ready to host an inbound student in the USA. How do I get started?
What countries do the inbound students to the USA come from?
What would be expected of me and my family if we host an inbound student to the USA?