Rotary Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP)



The SUMMER 2021 Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP) was suspended due to the global Covid-19 pandemic.


The "short-term" program is for 3-5 weeks of living in another country, where you will be hosted by a Rotary District and Rotary Club, and live with a family in the nation you are visiting. All short-term exchanges are reciprocal. Each student hosts the same student who hosted him/her. Learn more about hosting your reciprocal short term inbound Exchangee.

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Dreaming of going overseas in Summer 2022 for a Short-Term Exchange?

Get Started

You will begin the Short-Term Application process online at :   (Note: the application period has not opened yet.)



  • January 15, 2022:  Application due to local Rotary club
  • January 31, 2022:  Application due to District Coordinator  
  • February, 2022:  District Interviews for Students and Parents  (date & location to be announced) 


We will have a new coordinator for the Summer 2021 Short-Term Exchange Program.  When we announce who the new coordinator is, we will post the contact information here.  In the meantime, if you have questions, you can send them to 



Short Term Exchange Program FAQ's

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What do host parents provide for Short-Term (STEP) students?
What do overseas host clubs provide?
What does the Short Term Exchange Program cost?
Where will I go on a Short-Term (STEP) exchange?