• Monthly stipend (in the U.S. it is about $100 per month)
  • Meals at a Rotary meeting one to four times per month at Club expense
  • Counselor, who is the student's advocate for the full year? The counselor meets with the student at least once a month and is responsible for getting the student to/from Rotary Club Meetings. The counselor also gets the student engaged with Rotary activities and is especially active in getting the student-oriented at the beginning of the year.
  • Interaction with Club members and their families
  • A local coordinator, who approves the host families and checks in on the student and host family at least once a month.
    The host club pays an Inbound Flat Fee of $350 to the District. This covers Visa paperwork, inbound, and end of year orientation programs, registration for your student to attend SCRYE and various other items. For a complete listing of what the fee covers, contact Linda Ortega at lindao@austral.com
  • Provides transportation to District events for the student (four events a year)
  • Finds a host school (for the whole year) for the student
  • Finds three host families for the student
  • Ensures that all youth exchange volunteers and host families are property vetted and receive training.