First, email  Rodney at to let his office know about your interest in applying for a Rotary Study Abroad Scholarship.

Second, read the Step-by-Step instructions which you can find in the left margin on the long-term exchange page. At the long-term exchange page, you can also find a link to the application. Or you can go to the Resource Tab, select Forms, and then click on the link for Application Materials - Long Term Application -- NEW - 2020-2021

Fill out the application , type in your personal information, and print out the copy. We need 2 copies of your completed scholarship application -- all must have ORIGINAL signatures in BLUE ink.

You also need to download & fill out

We need 2 copies of each of these forms too, 

Download 1 copy of the Club Sponsorship Agreement   (you give that to the club to fill out when you submit your application).

Third, contact a local Rotary Club to sponsor you. If you need help finding the appropriate local club, ask Rodney at .Turn in all the application materials and the application fee to the local Rotary club by November 1st.

Fourth, have a club-level interview (in November), and then if approved by the club to proceed,

Fifth, you and your parents attend the district-level interview weekend (in December).

If you cannot download the application from the long-term exchange page or from the Resources -> Forms section of the website, you can also get a copy of the application from Rodney's office or from a local Rotarian.

Important Note:  this FAQ answer is only a quick overview of the process. Please use the Step-by-Step instructions as your checklist to help you make sure you complete all parts of the application process