To begin, please mail  Rodney at to let his office know about your interest in applying for a Rotary Study Abroad Scholarship.

1.  You will fill out the first portion of the application online: 

  • Page 1 and 2 are contact information.
  • Page 3 is background information.
  • Page 4 is education information.
  • Page 5 is student letter to hosts. You will be given topics.
  • Page 6 is parent letter to hosts. They will be given topics.
  • Page 7 is a photo of you.
  • Page 8 is photos of your life.
  • Page 9 lets  you add captions to the photos of your life.
  • Page 10 lets you submit your application.

2.  After you submit that section, it will be initially reviewed for completeness.

3.  You will receive an email called "Rotary Youth Exchange Password."  You will change it the 1st time you log in.  Be patient. Another email will come with the log-in link and instructions.

4.  You will receive an "Application Received: Follow Up Documents and Instructions" which tells you about additional documents you must complete.

  • Several documents are required of you. You receive the link for getting those documents and then uploading them when completed.
  • You receive a link where you will give us contact information for your school reference (counselor or teacher).
  • You will receive the link for completing your country preference information.

5.  Contact a local Rotary Club to sponsor you. If you need help finding the appropriate local club, ask Rodney at .Your application and application materials are due by November 30, 2020.

6. You will have a club-level interview (in December 2020), and then if approved by the club to proceed,

7 You and your parents attend the virtual district-level interviews on Saturday January 9, 2021. Please add that date to your calendar now.

Important Note:  this FAQ answer is only a quick overview of the process.