Airfare and insurance seem to be forever changing, but we do our best to keep prices low. For the exchange year 2020-2021 the flat-fee for a long term outbound exchange is $6000.  This payable in 6 installments ($1000/month from January  thru June) and must be paid completely prior to departure.

 There are additional expenses, including but not limited to

  • Applying for a visa and/or the cost of a resident permit in the host country.  (Amount varies by country)
  • Emergency fund, which usually ranges from $500 - $800, depending upon the host district's policy. 
  • Some host countries require students to pay for attending language camp after arrival. Costs vary by country.
  • Some host districts offer optional tours, which usually range from $1400 - $2000. 
The student and/or the student's USA family would be responsible for optional expenses the student might choose to incur, such as
  • dance lessons,  dance studio membership, gym membership, music lessons, soccer training, sports clubs outside of school, drama clubs, cooking lessons, art classes,  martial arts classes, or culture-related classes for hobbies/activities outside of school
  • tutor for additional help with language studies
  • personal clothing, winter coats, boots, etc.
  • laptop computer, camera, bicycle, mobile phone, etc.
  • bus fare, train fare to visit friends with the host family's permission to travel