Outbound Orientation Training Camp

Date: 26-Jun-2019


Mandatory training for D6110 study abroad outbound students planning to go overseas in 2019-2020 will be held June 26 - 30 with some other SCRYE districts in Siloam Springs, AR.    Norm King, the camp director, will be emailing updates to participants as the event approaches.

Goals of Camp: To equip and prepare students for their outbound exchange experience. Each camp session or activity has a purpose and an application; the goal is to prepare each student for success.

- Where: John Brown University, 2000 W University St, Siloam Springs, AR 72761

- Camp Starts Wed. June 26th, Registration is from 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

- Official Camp Welcome: Starts at 6:30 – light dinner provided

- Camp Ends: Sunday, June 30th, 11:30 am (following graduation ceremony)

- Register Here

This is an electronics-free camp! All electronic devices will be collected at registration Wednesday and returned Sunday morning at room check-out This includes cell phones, laptops, smart watches, Ipads, DVD players, Roku, Amazon Fire, firestick, no GPS, no 65” curved screen HD 4k tv’s, are allowed during camp.

We are staying in dorm rooms so you will need dorm room stuff:•Sleeping bag or sheets/blanket/pillow and towels.•Personal toiletry items - soap, shampoo, toothpaste - please (you know the drill)•Alarm Clock (no cell phones allowed at camp). Do not depend on anyone to wake you!•Clothes hangers if you want to hang any clothes, yadi yada yada etc. etc. etc.

Comfortable clothes are best. (duhhh)• Check the weather forecast to prepare for the local weather at camp. You will do some walking between buildings and you will have some outdoor activities. Rainwear - you know in case it rains?•Swimsuit, sunblock. - not sure if there will be time to swim and the pool isn't outside so not sure why you would bring sunblock it just seems to go with the whole swimsuit just in case thing.

Research Assignments: Bring as noted in research assignment instructions•You will be expected to turn in all completed Research Assignments at camp check-in!•Duplicates of your Rotary Speech index card notes are to be turned in at check in.•If research assignments are not completed, you will remain in an isolated area where you can complete assignments (while everyone else is hanging out and getting acquainted).•Yes, we are serious about this! Besides, the assignments are easy.

Thank You cards:•We suggest about 10; why? Huh because thanking people is a good habit to get into.•Handmade and personalized cards are great!•These are just suggested for you to hand out at the end of

Notepad/notebook, pencils, pens and highlighters

Talent Show supplies (Yep! You are invited to be part of the talent show!)•Musical instruments, costumes, etc… (yes there is a piano – no need to bring your own) No it is not mandatory for you to participate, we do encourage it though and yes you can team up with others from camp if you want to. Don't stress… this is supposed to be fun, ok?

Costume for the camp party.•Costume Theme will be coordinated by your lead ROTEX, I really have no clue, please ask your ROTEX. The MAXIMUM you can spend on a costume is $5.

Camera(not the one on your cell phone)

Other Activities: (Frisbee, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.)