Camp Enterprise

Date: 28-Mar-2019


Camp Enterprise,  March 28 - 31, 2019 at Camp Heart O'Hills in Welling, OK.

The Rotary Club of Tulsa invites District 6110 RYE student to experience Camp Enterprise.  Rotary Club of Tulsa underwrites the weekend. There is no cost to your Club or the student.  We also provide transportation to the Camp from Tulsa, but, you need to get your student to/from the bus (or directly to the Camp if that is easier for you).  

This is a great way for our RYE students to learn about the Free Enterprise system, business practices, and corporate responsibilities. One year our student from Austria attended Camp Enterprise. She said to me afterwards “now I understand what my dad does for his company”.

Please RSVP to Trisha Kerkstra, inbound coordinator 2018-2019

District 6110 includes Rotary clubs in Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas.